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A few things about the artist.

      Throughout my life I was curious about many things, but mostly about the meaning of existence. Studies in physics and mathematics were followed by excursions into philosophy, sociology, psychology, economy, political science and education. This led me to work as a social worker with children from different cultural backgrounds. I thus learned face-to-face the challenges and difficulties to overcome our fears which keep us separate, isolated and sometimes prone to receive or commit acts of violence, either physical or verbal or both.

      Being a sensitive all of my life I was also encouraged to look deeper as I perceived underlying currents which all people experience but are not necessarily conscious of. These 'insights' were often quite disturbing as they differed dramatically from the openly acknowledged and communicated perceptions. For many years this led to my withdrawal into the inner worlds, which offered comfort, belonging, caring and formost unconditional and unchanging love.

      Born in Poland and raised in Poland and Germany I had the opportunity to experience firsthand to be 'different' or a stranger in a strange land. This gave me the inspiration to become more compassionate and understanding of other cultures, beliefs and religions.

      Focussing on the 'visible' and 'measurable' much of my life I kept my creativity tugged away and restricted to the realm of imagination. From a very young age I dabbled occasionally with various media and expressions through drawings, poems and music. As I was drawn to and spend much of my time with artist friends I was often asked if I was an artist myself. I answered jokingly 'I am an artist of life', which in a sense has been and still is essentially true.

      I broke my past identification with the strict Newtonian worldview and left its nest in 1982 on an open-ended journey, destination unknown. (My mind thought we were heading for South America to work in Columbian slums.)

      Since arriving in the US on a one-way ticket I got involved with spirituality in many of its traditions, from Buddhist to Native American, exploring intensively the inner worlds through practicing meditation and breathing techniques and reading the writings of numerous spiritual authors from the past and present. I found the similarity of findings between modern physics and ancient wisdom teachings in particular fascinating, as it allows me to combine my scientific and spiritual interests.

      A major shift in my pursuit of truth came with adding in the fall of 2001 the Shamanic traditions in theory and practice to my repertoire of experiences by attending a shamanic workshop in the US. Later I spend some time with a Shaman in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. This work 'grounded' my spiritual pursuits to the most ancient and universal earth tradition, as it has been and is still practiced throughout the world. Not being based on any dogma or church, it is essentially a group of techniques and practices which more often than not are unique to the practicing shaman/ess, who receives her/his information and insights directly from the spirit world, be they plants, animals, minerals, angels, ancestors or beings from other times and places. The Peruvian Shamans love, humor, appreciation and respect for all the forces in nature opened me to the beauty of all life and revealed not only the horror but also the beauty and purpose of Humanity in the great Plan.

      Aside from early explorations into drawing and writing poetry I didn't focus on developing any specific artistic skill. However in the past 10 years I used computers to create advertising materials, data bases, brochures, web sites, etc. for myself and others, satisfying rather marginally my creativity and developing my computer graphic skills.

      In the fall of 2003 I began to create designs, which incorporate various types of energy. Inspired by the Peacemaker course and its visual focus, the ancient "Symbol of the Awakened Self", which is presently used by the Emissaries of Light and the Beloved Community, I reproduced this symbol, adding my own colors and spheres. This fully reawakened my creativity and the desire to share the insights I have received over the course of my life from many disciplines and from many sources, including what we call other dimensions, realms, worlds or realities.

      This awakening lead to the creation of several graphics, whose symbolism are rather familiar and have been utilized by humanity for thousands of years. The 4 suits of the Minor Arcana (clubs or wands; swords; chalice or cups and diamonds or disks) are the representations of our fourfold human existence, which utilizes the four elements, which these cards represent and their respective qualities - Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The other images and graphics that followed depict the kingdoms in nature as well as delve into the more abstract inner realms of being. More info on the designs themselves is available on the product page as well as on the respective gallery pages, which focus on different numbers and/or themes.

      During this time I came across the book "Bringers of the Dawn" by Barbara Marciniak, who received the information from a group of Pleiadeans. They mention 'the ancient and universal language of light' with its thousands of symbols and point out that the Earth is ready for some new energies, which these symbols represent.

      As I read about this part, it suddenly dawned on me, that this was exactly what I was doing, bringing into manifestation some of these new symbols, which once they are put into some kind of form and thus added to the morphogenic field of the earth, can then be used by all of humanity as well as the other kingdoms.

      This process of manifestation is truly a collective endeavor and those who are called to participate in it can benefit greatly by its potential for remembering and realizing our multi-dimensionality as well as our connectedness. It requires a format, which incorporates a group endeavor, like an event and/or presentation, which includes not only technical devices but even more important fellow artists, musicians, dancers, poets, etc. to create a multi-sensory experience.

      One form of manifestation is to co-create as a group a 'book', where I facilitate the focussing and translation of the energies from the different dimensions/realities, introduce the themes and allow them to evolve in an experiential question and answer format.

      If you are called to participate in any way, please let me know. I would love to hear from you. Namaste.





Greeting Cards
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